The Balancing Act

We are living in a world that lacks balance and the COVID pandemic hasn’t helped the situation. Neither have social media venues and controversial politics that are tearing apart families when opposing views ensue. Honestly, there are days I just want to stay in bed, read a Dr. Seuss book and call it all good. But even that isn’t possible anymore because I could potentially select a Seuss book that is politically incorrect and offends someone or worse yet… is contrary to their personal views, lifestyle or whatever else you want to throw into the mix.

Dr. Seuss had it right… we need to step with care and great tact because life is a great balancing act! It is like sitting on a teeter totter. Everything is working just fine until something happens and suddenly you are fighting to regain your balance. An event, emotion, conflicting viewpoint, feelings of exclusion can trip a reaction that upsets the balance of life. Often, we have no idea what emotional triggers will upset the balance. Which is why Dr. Seuss reminds us to step with care.

We all have our own subjective opinions of what is or isn’t a big deal in an effort to balance our life. It sometimes brings us the realization that no matter how much effort we put into seeking a sense of balance in life, it’s not possible.

Some of us process information more deeply; others are overstimulated more easily. There are those who experience greater empathy, and are more aware of subtleties and changes in their surroundings. This is all part of the balance act that comes into play each and every day for ALL of us because we are all divinely and purposefully created.

What I ask is that you don’t make your balancing act mine. It’s not my job to balance your teeter totter any more than it is your job to balance mine.

The world changes minute by minute.  We need to hang on and establish a center point in our life to help bring us balance. For me, that center point is Jesus and He brings balance to the negative and positive values of my life. He is great at listening, uplifting, encouraging and imparting me the ability to manage unexpected changes.

We need to be flexible, adaptable and creative with both ourselves and with others but not at the risk of comprising our own emotional coping reserves. In no way should we feel obligated to balance the new normal and future normal for others. It is their job to calibrate the many ups and downs of this teeter totter world.

Like the teeter totter on the playground we can’t predict the highs and lows of our pandemic environment but we can be prepared by seeking out the pivotal spiritual axis that helps us balance the situations, environment and temper our response to the world in which we now live. For me, it is JESUS.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you”. I Peter 5:7

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