My Imperfect Bio


When my career as an online entrepreneur started winding down, I found myself shifting into the slow lane. There have been many hairpin curves and turns in my life; some good, some not. The days of driving in the fast lane are long gone and I am perfectly content to be that lady driving 55 in a posted speed limit of 70. I don’t have the same energy and drive I had twenty, even ten, years ago. But that’s OK.

I no longer feel the need to be noted as a successful business person because in the end of life, it doesn’t matter. I love that my focus is no longer blindsided by what other’s think about me but rather what God thinks as I seek His eternal purpose in my life.

I am thankful for the many voices of friends and family that have empowered my creative gifts and talents over the years. When I listen to someone talk about my creative abilities I stand in awe. I have never viewed myself as anything more than an average person trying to make a living, do the right thing and share my experiences in this journey called life. I have an OCD personality that has been both a blessing and a curse and when that trait is coupled with lack of moderation…well, let’s just say, the combination is like a stick of dynamite and book of matches.

My love of writing started an early age. In my teen years I began to occasionally compose music on my guitar and eventually began performing live to grade school children. I wrote a children’s book, have ran a successful online business that designs molds for soap maker and chocolatiers. I have several published stories  included in Chicken Soup for the Soul books. My three grandkids monopolize my life and close friends are quick to make me a candidate for NeeNee (grandma) of the year. I am like the Energizer bunny that never stops.

On the surface all seems well but, believe me, there are plenty of ghosts in my closet. A couple of failed marriages nearly swallowed me alive. I have walked the unemployment line, lived on food stamps; and experienced the gut-wrenching heartache and feelings of rejection of an unfaithful spouse. But every year of struggle has afforded me insight into the hearts and minds of the less than perfect person; those, like myself, who tend to fall between the cracks.

I have been a single mom, faced addictions, battled depression and even contemplated taking my life. Age, wisdom and my faith has made me comfortable in being transparent in sharing both my failures and successes. The purpose of my devotionals is to let you know you are not alone in trying to make sense of your imperfect life.


  1. Denise, I wept when I read this blog concerning the imperfect person. Your honesty about life has brought hope to so many. Daddy would have been so pleased and touched too if he was here to read your blogs. And then your sister’s writings are also so skillful and inspiring. What a blessing that I can be here to see our prayers coming to fruition. Our God is an awesome God!

  2. Neecee: I’m so proud to not only call you my sister but also my friend. You have given me hope in my darkest days. I recall the times you have called me up and just prayed with me – what powerful prayers. You have been an encouragement to me so many times. Even now, with your writings, you have encouraged me to explore my gift as well. We each have different stories to share in our own way and I’m so blessed you are willing to share yours.

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