Pandora’s Box is Open

Pandora’s Box has been opened and unlike Greek mythology it wasn’t done by a women. It was done by a group of incompetent elected officials and an administration that in 13 months has brought all manner of misery and evil upon the United States.

You can remain in denial, but it doesn’t change the fact: We are faced with disastrous consequences because our leadership is weak, inadequate and without question, corrupt.

America wake up! Do we not understand the evils and miseries that will soon afflict mankind? Do we not realize this could occur on our own soil?

Our nation is crumbling before our eyes and we still want to debate who brought us to this point. WE the people DID! It’s time for us to accept responsibility for not requiring accountability, for accepting deceptive lies as truth and allowing fake news to reign supreme.

It’s too late to close Pandora’s Box but under the lid is a glimmer of hope that through prayer and intercession our current world situation can be neutralized. Hope is founded in the Biblical truths of God’s Word. It is the one true, solid foundation, where hope can take root and profoundly change the hearts and minds of the human soul.

Yahweh the all-powerful creator, preserver, and redeemer of the universe is the hope under the lid of Pandora’s Box. You can place all future hope in yourself, the current government and the forces of evil that war against us; but it will forever snuff-out hope and continue to release the powers of darkness, disobedience and rebellion that currently has dominion over the world.

Hope is an attitude that causes us to act. Be the hope! Take action!  Seek the face of God for a healing of our land.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” —2 Chronicles 7:14


Lord, our country isn’t perfect. You know that, and you see us for who we are. So I pray for your salvation, trusting you will give us hope and healing; not because we deserve it, but because of your vast, unfailing mercy. Work in and through the people of this nation, Lord.


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