Life’s Hiccup Moments

When a bump in the road is more than hiccup and turns our life upside down, then what? That moment when we question whether God walks with us in our seemingly unending painful physical, emotional, and mental roundabout trials of life.

I am sure Joseph wondered the same when his brothers threw him in a pit and sold him to slavery. Certainly the woman with the issue of blood who waited 12 years for her healing felt the same. Consider the life of David; pursued by King Saul for nearly a decade. These were more than hiccups in life; they were tribulations that left destruction in their path.

It is important to consider that life’s hiccups don’t define us, they grow us. David became king, the lady with the blood issue was healed and Joseph reminds us that even though we can’t control the circumstances, we can control our response and behavior to them. Joseph learned forgiveness, acted in kindness and refused to stand in judgement.

When life places us in a never-ending roundabout, we need to look beyond the circumstances (even if it defies logic) and recognize that God is with us. Acknowledge that we are anointed and highly favored as a child of God and that He will complete what He has begun in our life.

Our God is not a God of circumstance; He is a God of Biblical promises. When we remain dependent on Him and trust His Word, He will turn the upside down moments of life into something that brings change within us, inspires others and ultimately develops Godly character in ways never imagined.

I encourage you to wait on the Lord and watch in faith as He brings you through those ‘more than a hiccup’ moments in life.


Dear Lord,

When those ‘more than hiccup moments’ fall upon me, may they be reminders that YOUR appointed paths of righteousness are not mine. As much I would like to believe I know what is best, I don’t.

Help me to look beyond the circumstances of whatever life roundabout I am experiencing right now. I put my trust in you with the knowledge that there isn’t a ‘life hiccup’ big enough to separate me from your love.

“For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Romans 8: 39-39


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