When Our Agenda Isn’t God’s Agenda

gods-agenda-sermon-title-sdIt happens and it is happening to me right now. When we take on a host of tasks, jobs and charitable causes and we’re only kicking up dust, it’s a sure indicator that it’s time to reconsider if we have bypassed God’s agenda.

God’s agenda isn’t always an easy path, but it should never bring us to a place where our purpose becomes clouded with doubt and every step forward is like walking with weights.

My current weighted steps are choices I made with the ASSUMPTION they were God ordained. And then, over time, hindsight kicks in and there is an awakening that maybe this was my agenda, not God’s.

You cry out to God, you pray, you share your story with others in an attempt to make it all come together, but it doesn’t and it won’t because your efforts are not God appointed. That moment when you suddenly realize that your life is being self-directed is distressing; embarrassing might be a better word choice.

God is merciful and never totally disses our efforts. He will bring forth fruit even when we try to do things on our own, but following our own agenda never brings about God’s intended results had we followed his plan.

Our works may be paved with good intentions. In my case, the ideology was there but the key component was missing, it wasn’t on God’s agenda. It’s a tough pill to swallow and I am overwhelmed with the urge to yell at God for something I did all by myself. I’ve even threatened to not talk to Him for a while; let’s see how that works out for me.

And so, in my agenda epiphany, I am downsizing my business, eliminating projects I thought would make a difference (but haven’t gained momentum) and limiting my volunteerism to those things that have an eternal purpose and give me an opportunity to share the message of Jesus.

I’m not sure what those things are until I am done (quietly) yelling at God. But when the time comes, I will be prepared to listen to His voice and if he ‘ain’t’ talkin’, I will be willing to wait until he speaks loud and clear. When He lifts the weights from my feet, I know I am good to move forward.

“Many plans occupy the mind of a man, but the LORD’s purposes will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21 (ISV)


Heavenly Father, sometimes I get in my own way, not intentionally, but because I want to find purpose. Sometimes, that purpose is not part of your agenda for my life. Forgive me for moving ahead before you lead.  I am learning that not waiting for your direction can weight me down.

Be a light under my feet to direct me to your intended path. God, just don’t be a light…how about you blaze a trail so there is no way I miss your purpose.


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