This poem is dedicated to anyone who has had the veil of grief overshadow their life. Maybe it was the death of a loved one, a divorce, separation or mental illness.  Jesus is there to lift the veil of grief with His gift of grace.

In times of sorrow God grows our character in ways never imagined. He teaches us  to trust and lean on the promises of the cross. If grief is putting you through the refining fire, know there is hope in Jesus. The veil of grief has draped my life more times than I care to remember. My life bears proof that hope, God’s grace and prayer can lift the veil. The light of day will again emerge.
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We know your pain; we’ve been there, when there are no words to say
And overwhelming sadness fills each and every day.
When the soul cannot find comfort and there is no way to share
The loneliness and silent sorrow we are left alone to bear.

When our cry is, “God where are you? Have you abandoned me?”
When the spirit is so broken and hope cannot be seen.
When grief has cast its shadow on the mercies of God’s grace;
And prayers are merely heartfelt moans as we fall before God’s face.

Hush, hush I say, whose voice is that, who speaks so quietly?
The words are but a whisper but resonate with me.
“I heal the broken hearted and bandage all their wounds;
A promise made to mankind when Jesus left the tomb.”

“I am closer than you know, my child, and angels are ever near.
As silent anguish pours from your soul, I say to you, I hear.
My Word has shaped and formed you; your life is in my hands,
From the moment of conception, it was a life divinely planned.”

“Don’t think you are forgotten, for all heaven knows your name.
Every broken dream is noted; and I am with you in your pain.
Each night I gather all your tears and store them in my heart
To infuse them with My blessed hope, to give you a new start.”

And then the voice grew silent, and peace rained down on me.
The veil of grief was lifted and I knew with certainty
That joy replaces sorrow and in Him all Hope restored
When I enter the Throne Room of Heaven and bow before my Lord.

I will seek to find safe shelter in the fortress of my King.
And let Jesus be my refuge as I hide beneath His wings.
With outstretched arms He reaches out each time I call His name.
He is the Rock on which I stand, my Redeemer, who forever reigns.


© 2013 Nouveau Designs LLC. No portion of this poem may be used without the written consent of the owner.


    • So sorry for your loss although He is another of Heavens gain.
      Thank you for the beautiful poem, God Bless the family

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