Quotation marks make us accountable. Those little double quotes force us to claim ownership to the words we speak and write. Quotation-Marks2[1]

We live in a generation where it is acceptable to edit the truth. Words are rearranged and manipulated to feed our ego; quotation marks are in places they should not be. Little thought, if any, is given to the consequences of living outside the quotation marks of God’s Word.

On a daily basis we witness sworn testimonies from government officials filled with lies and deceit. Even our presidents are not above living outside the quotation marks of truth. Media sources no longer concern themselves with the integrity and acceptable behavior of our leaders.

It has become acceptable to source lies within quotation marks for selfish gain. Consider this comment from American Journalist, E.Z. Gunderson,

“Every president is going to lie to you. Every politician is going to lie to you. The question is which lies can you live with?”

There are many times I conveniently appoint my own ego to be the editor of my life story that sets in motion an ego feeding frenzy of edits, rewrites and revisions. It isn’t long before I am living outside the quotation marks defined by God; my motives, thoughts and words are no longer directed by Him. I have lost sight of truth.

We need a spiritual editor.

An editor helps us define the boundaries of truth. They keep our ego from compromising the integrity of a story, fix our punctuation screw-ups and ensure the story line moves in the right direction. As a writer, I know the value of an editor and as a Christian; I know the value of a spiritual editor.

My spiritual editor is God. His superior editing skills ensure my spoken words are filled with truth, integrity and purpose. His editorial services are provided free of charge and a bonus study guide The Bible is included. It’s filled with editorial evaluations, suggested revisions and tips on how to live life between the quotation marks.

God is our editor-in-chief with knowledge of the accepted grammatical protocol critical to publishing our life story. He knows where to place periods for closure, insert commas to slow us down, semicolons to keep us connected and quotation marks to define truth.

Let God edit your life story and make it a best seller.  

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