I have had the displeasure of meeting a handful of people who embody the phrase ‘heart of stone’.  Being a rather unorthodox Christian more descriptive phrases come to mind; words I pretend to never use, but do. When confronted with someone’s cold indifference and lack of empathy, my first line of defense is to erect a stone wall around the perimeter of my heart.

Wall of Stones

But sometimes I build stone walls for other reasons; offensive walls to keep people from discovering the real me. There is a wall hiding my insecurities and another wall shielding my past. I’m certain there are walls I have no memory of building; walls constructed to protect me from blows of hurt and heartaches I thought were long forgotten.

We all erect walls of stone around our heart.

When we accept Christ into our heart, both a spiritual and emotional transplant takes place within us. God performs reconstructive surgery and pumps the blood of Jesus into the black spots of sin to create in us a clean heart. But that doesn’t stop us from building stone walls to keep others from trespassing into the forbidden areas of our life.

 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me.” (Psalms 51:10)

Identify those things hidden behind your stone walls.

If you want to tear down stone walls, be willing to put a name to what is hiding behind your walls. And that’s not easy. Each time a wall of stone crumbles, we become vulnerable to the opinions and judgments of others.

Do any of these stone walls call out your name?

  • Emotionally Wounded
  • Forgotten
  • Betrayed
  • Cheated on Spouse
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Secretly Binge & Purge
  • Closet Drinker
  • Racist
  • Food Addictions
  • Self-Doubt
  • Compulsive Disorders
  • Depression
  • Obsessed with Porn

There are times in life when stone walls protect our heart from the adversary; but there are also times those walls isolate us from healing, recovery and support.

Take time to identify the names you have engraved on your stone walls. If they are walls that protect your salvation, grace and commitment to Christ, leave them intact. If the walls were erected to conceal guilt, shame and insecurities, I say get out the dynamite. Willie, from Duck Dynasty, sums it up like this.

“Let me tell you about Redneck logic…just blow it up.”

Let me tell you about God logic. It is about letting go of life’s garbage and blowing a hole in your spiritual heart so God can fill it with something better.

If you follow Duck Dynasty reality show, you know Phil’s snake filled duck blind was blown to smithereens.  It was replaced with something better. That is what Jesus does when we put on our hard hats and give Him permission to knock down our walls of stone.


  1. So you watched some more Duck Dynasty episodes and found your new devotional idea from it? I said you learn a lesson of God every time you watch an episode. It’s a good one!

    • Have fallen in love with the show, Jenni. Yes, there is a lesson to be learned by just about everything in life if we keep our eyes wide open and keep a stick of dynamite in one hand.

  2. Good advice, Denise. I also like the way you’ve broken this up into bite-sized pieces so we don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated about tearing down or “blowing up” our walls. The photo is perfect, too!

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