Forgiveness is a powerful gift.  Not just to others, but to ourselves.  We can extend forgiveness or hold onto resentment. We can partner with peace or embrace bitterness. It’s our choice.

When an injustice has been done, our first reaction is to open the door to our hurt. After all, we were unjustly wronged and we feel a need to feed the pain. So we welcome the hurt with open arms and throw back the covers in the guest room. We begin to pander, coddle and feed our pain with righteous indignation. We want justice.

Sometimes there is no justice. The reason or motive for someone’s hurtful action may never be known.  A child is lost at birth, a spouse leaves us, or a friend betrays our trust. The list is endless. Life is filled with situations that call for the act of forgiveness. And even if restitution or justice is delivered, the pain remains if you haven’t gifted unconditional forgiveness.

You have two options:  Feed your pain or extend grace. When you hold onto hurts like they are a priceless treasure, the reluctance to forgive becomes an emotional cancer.

Is there someone you need to forgive?

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