Five years ago today, the ground was unearthed and the silver pieces on the coffin glistened in the sun. I tried to position myself to hear the words being spoken, but the wooden folding chair I sat on offered little comfort. Everything seemed so surreal; my heart cried out this is just a dream, but my spirit knew the reality. My Daddy was gone. His lifeless body lie encased in a wooden box; the sum total of his life was being shared in a 30 minute eulogy.

Five years ago today, I watched my mom say her last good-by to her helpmate of over 50 years. I watched her tears fall onto my Daddy’s stone-cold face as she whispered, “I love you.” She picked out his burial clothes and gathered pictures to display the life they had shared together.

Five years ago today, I rode in a funeral procession that honored my Daddy’s life. The line of cars seemed endless; the orange flag on every car was a tribute to his life on earth. My Daddy had touched the life of every person seated in each car.

Five years ago today, I still remember the heartache, grief and sadness of losing someone I loved.

(My Daddy actually passed away five years ago this past September. This is a repost from my FB page.)

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