My dear friend Sue Dobos asked that I share this tribute I wrote to her son PJ. He passed away on Wednesday of this week. Please continue to remember Sue and the family in your daily prayers. PJ died from an overdose of prescription drugs.

I know your heart is broken, but be assured of this;
All that I’ve done is pardoned, I’ve conquered my abyss.
I’ve laid down all my burdens at the Master’s feet,
With outstretched arms He welcomed me; all I could do was weep.

He looked into my eyes and spoke, “This is where your new life starts.”
Then Jesus wrote the word ‘Redeemed’ upon my soul and heart.
So many came to greet me as I walked the streets of gold,
And the gates that led to Heaven are something to behold.

I left this world much sooner than anyone had planned,
But now I sit with Jesus and my live is in His hands.
Your grief and tears of heartache are only just a part
Of the many things I daily buried deep within my heart.I see life as a whisper and it is only through our death,
The total sum of life is seen as nothing but a breath.
It is how we live today, my friend, it is not about tomorrow
Any future claims we make on time is time that we have borrowed.

May you dance with every memory like you’re living your last day.
And embrace the soothing balm of love for it wipes the tears away.
In sadness, joy and sorrow my family’s been by my side,
But today I danced with Jesus, so you have no need to cry.

When I meet you on the other side, when we once again embrace,
I promise that you’ll stand in awe of God’s amazing grace.
When His nail-scarred hands reached out to me, I bowed and kissed His feet.
And as I did, there were drops of blood that fell from His Mercy Seat.God’s mercy endures forever and His love it has no end
And in everything I battled, He’s never failed to be my friend.
The nights I cried in darkness and was overwhelmed with fear.
Jesus came to me and whispered “I love you” in my ear.

To all my friends and family, I know you lost me young.
But the demons of addiction have now given back your son.
I am no longer held in hostage; my soul is finally free,
As Jesus hung upon that cross, He shed His blood for me.

So rejoice in His salvation, for He knows our every fear.
In our deepest, darkest hours, His Spirit’s always near.
Speak the name of Jesus when your soul seems almost lost.
Reach out your arms to heaven, and to the grace found at the cross.

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