I can do many things, but singing is not one of them and my pitch seems to worsen with age. Humming, now that’s an entirely different story and oddly enough, I seem to have perfect pitch. I share this because I recently wrote lyrics and a melody for a cousin’s wedding celebration. When humming the melody, the song sounded great, but the minute I sang the words, well let’s just sa…y it was all over the board; keyboard that is.I had created a song to touch the life of someone special to me and all I could do was hum the melody. Without the lyrics, the song held no meaning or value. So I took loss of my senses and attempted to sing the words. I even invited my daughter to sit in on the singing session; bad idea. Her comments were swift and concise, “Mom that song is beautiful until you sing it; your pitchy voice doesn’t give it justice.”  She followed with, “Let me see if I know someone who can sing it for you.”

I took my daughter’s comments to heart and reached out to someone whose voice would do justice to the lyrics. I found the voice but was soon faced with another problem. The background noise in the recording wasn’t filtered and the words sounded muddled. My intentions were good, but the finished product lacked in quality.

No one was quicker to point out the recording’s imperfections than my husband. I cried when he said, “I wouldn’t put that out there. The music and voice is good, but the quality is more than lacking.” Of course it was too late. I had already shared the song with my cousin.
I don’t know if my tears were out of embarrassment or in knowing my efforts weren’t enough to present a song worthy for others to hear. Whatever the reason, my heart swelled with sadness and required a heart to heart conversation with God. In my outpouring, God spoke to my spirit and this is what I heard:

You were created to be My (God’s) keyboard and I play the melody. My lyrics are written within your heart and every line and stanza has a specific meaning and purpose to align the notes of your life with that melody.

There are times when your effort to find the perfect pitch will fail. There will be background noises within your life that muffle My intended message.  But that is O.K.  A symphony isn’t composed in a week, nor is the song I have placed within the heart of every man.
When replaying the song I have written, there are two things I consider; effort and the heart’s intent. The combination of both let me know if the heart is open to editing, filtering and muting unwanted noise.

Know with certainty that every revision I make in your heart improves the quality of the melody. So dry your tears, Denise. Return to the editing studio. You WILL get it right as long as you allow me to be the Master of the melody I have written.

Today’s Meditation:
“I have hidden your song (lyrics) in my heart that I might not sin (be out of pitch) against you.” (Psalms 119:11)

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