My husband is a creature of habit. To him, the idiom ‘switch it up’ means buying black colored garbage bags instead of white or wearing a colored golf shirt instead of his usual white.  My honey-man’s daily habits and rituals take the meaning of the word ‘predictable’ to a higher level.Certainly all of us find security and comfort in having some kind of routine; in knowing what to …expect. When my husband removes his socks and safety pins them together (yes, he wears a safety pin in one sock) I know he is calling it a day. At 9 AM on Sunday I will find him seated in his favorite chair watching political newscasts; and when I say, “I love you”, his return response will always be “I love you more.”

Establishing habits and routines are great, but there are times in life we need to ‘switch it up’ and consider if our itinerary of sameness needs some revisions.  The Bible tells us God is the same yesterday, today and forever but that doesn’t mean He isn’t a God of variety.

God isn’t controlled by habits. He does not run in ruts and He doesn’t always manifest himself or His power the same way every time. Look at how He healed blind people. He spoke to some and to others He touched. To some he rubbed spit mixed with clay on their eyes and in one case He spit right in the eyes. He used different methods but with the same results. They were all healed.

Sometimes in our Christian walk we become blinded to the different ways God works to manifest His power in our life. He calls out to us, “Switch it up and get out of the comfort of your spiritual sameness; I want to add variety to your spiritual walk”. Yet we continue to pin together our spiritual socks, replay the same spiritual broadcasts while we sit in the comfy “I’ve always done it this way” spiritual chair.

Maybe it’s time to consider letting go of the ‘predictable’ and ‘switching it up’. You might be surprised at the method God uses to heal your eyes from the blindness of spiritual sameness.

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