The whole world is on hiatus right now and for an undetermined time. Many in my community are sending snapshots of deserted roadways, empty parking lots and even food on the shelves of grocery stores has taken leave.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has certainly sent us all into hiding and not by choice but out of necessity to isolate and contain the spread of this contagious virus. As difficult as it may seem to be forced into hiatus against our will, we should consider and value the significance of down-time, social distancing and time with family.

Even God the Father sent Jesus on hiatus into the wilderness for 40 days. The spirit of God was with Jesus every moment of every one of those forty days and nights.  Jesus came to earth in human flesh, that wilderness experience of isolation was a time of cleansing, refining and perfecting.

Like products that are tested and their flaws corrected in order to ensure their capability and durability, the spirit of God will take us into hiatus for a time to reflect, reevaluate and properly align our priorities. In the case of the OCVID-19 quarantine excuses for not having time are banished. You come face to face with yourself, your family, what you value and a test of your faith.

Suddenly, you are no longer in control. It’s a frightening thought for many and they do everything possible to resist the inevitable…they are officially on hiatus, like it or not. Lashing out in anger, spewing opinions and refusing to the hiatus rules of engagement doesn’t change the fact; you have been put in a place that requires you to spend time with yourself.

The insane hustle and bustle of everyday life subsides and you are left to take inventory of what you consider important in life and to face your shadows.  What is really important when there are no sports, kid’s events, school, social interaction, lost jobs, food shortages, limited travel?

It’s a question that all of us are being forced to face during the COVID-19 shutdown of America and the world.  It’s inconvenient in so many ways, but I don’t believe Jesus found it convenient when God sent him into the Wilderness for 40 days. Jesus didn’t ask to go, it was a God imposed mandate and He accepted it without complaining and with total trust that God was in control.


Heavenly Father, we are living in uncertain times in the world right now. Let us not live in fear but instead reach out to you and others when overtaken by moments of apprehension and anxiety. Remind us that you are in control of all things and nothing happens without your knowledge.

Bring healing to our nations as we combine efforts to combat this COVID-19 virus. Comfort those that have lost loved ones and be near those that are hospitalized and fighting for their life. Let us cling to God’s Word and kneel in prayer with each other to ask God to bring spiritual healing as our nations call upon Your Holy name.


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  1. Thanks for writing this, Denise – so true and good for us to read. Hoping the Marks family is enjoying some downtime. I’m imagining sitting on your deck and enjoying that beautiful Lobdell Lake view with you!

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