God Never Gives Up

I often marvel at the friendships I have bonded and forged throughout my lifetime. Many of their stories are more than amazing and this happens to be just one of them.

I’ve known Kenny since grade school. We went to the same church, our families ran in the same circle of friends, he lived across the street from me in our high school years. His sister, Candy, married my first cousin and being church family related is enough blood line to call ourselves family.

In this post, I share my friend Kenny Mauck.

Eventually college, career choices and different states separated Kenny and I from the closeness we once knew as kids. It didn’t, however, disconnect us from staying in touch and applauding each other’s hard-earned accomplishments and successes.

Kenny and his wife eventually called Nashville their home. It was there that he is known as a speaker, writer, founder of two legacy non-profit organizations, ordained minister, singer, and song writer. Yep, he is pretty amazing and talented in so many ways.

But none of these things compare to his deepest love in life, his commitment and love to Jesus Christ, his family, and dear friends.  These are ones he calls, the true riches and wealth of his life. Kenny’s website https://kennymauck.com/ shares much more about his life story.

Let me share the song Kenny wrote.

This post is really about the song Kenny wrote in the mid 90’s, performed by Grammy guy-penrod2Award winning soloist Guy Penrod, entitled “He Never Gave Up.”

It was inspired in Kenny’s mid-20s as a young Mott Community college counselor. He was counseling a woman in her late 30’s who shared her troubled story of giving up on God after losing her only two children in a tragic fire accident at her home years earlier. The woman was so depressed; she turned to alcohol, and was seeking to leave college due to the severe depression that plagued her daily.

Kenny shared there was hope in God’s never ending love! It prompted this song. May it be a source of hope in your dark hours.

We all have stories about wanting to give up. Know this, God stands ready to give you hope with His never ending love. He perfected it at the cross with every drop of blood that His son shed for your troubled life story.


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