All I Want for Christmas

How I wish it was as easy as hoping for two front teeth. As a child, life seemed so simple; the ugliness and reality of what might lie before me was not yet revealed and in the imagination of a child, never considered. Christmas was magical and all about boxed gifts wrapped adorned with bows, colorful holiday lights and a tree decorated in handmade ornaments. The number of gifts didn’t matter because your hope was seated in Santa bringing that one coveted, most desired gift on your Christmas list.

I sometimes long for those uncomplicated days of child’s play when I envision that all was well and my reality was based on a belief in Santa, the Easter Bunny, action heroes and the tooth fairy. When Mary Poppins sung about a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, she wasn’t singing about chemotherapy meds and when Woody sang ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ it wasn’t about cancer and it’s devastating effects on the lives of many.

So what’s on my list?

I want my friend of over 35 years to NOT have cancer, to NOT endure the effects of chemo and NOT see the fear and brokenness this disease brings into the life of those we love deeply.

To that husband who lost his job last month including family health benefits… I want God to restore JOY to your life and hope that your future is divinely appointed by someone greater than us.

I pray for the parents of the child who choose suicide to be covered in the mercy of God in their moments of intense grief; that the Holy Spirit is an ever present comfort to them in the days ahead.

For those suffering from depression, loneliness or anxiety, I pray healing prevails and you find the help needed to revive hope and the courage to work through what you face and never ashamed to reach out to others when you need encouragement.

What’s at the top of YOUR Christmas list?

The newest and best Yeti product or maybe that best rated electronic device; perhaps upgraded ski equipment paired with a matching vacation?  The key word here is what is at the TOP of your list. There is nothing wrong with having a list, but how you prioritize that list will say volumes about who you are as a person.

If your list is composed of nothing but wants, you might to rethink your value system.  Many in our communities start a list with things like…

  • Tires that have treads, mine are bare.
  • A tankful of gas to get to work
  • Winter boots, shoes coats for my kids
  • Someone to sit at lunch with me and be my friend at school
  • Toiletry, laundry & cleaning products because they aren’t covered by Food Stamps
  • The opportunity to take my child bowling or out for pizza as I’m a single parent on a very limited income.

I’m pretty certain my point is taken. So, let me ask once again…

What’s at the top of YOUR Christmas list; serving others or serving self?

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