Lift the Fog

My eyes scan the lake; the fog is so dense that you can’t see the houses across the channel. In the early morning hours there is just one beacon of light that penetrates the fog. My eyes are drawn to it as I silently pray that I can find my way to it.

Today, it feels like I am in a life boat aimlessly drifting through the morning fog unable to find my way. That beacon of light is my only guide and hope to finding a safe haven. Though the light occasionally flickers, it is never out of my view.

Have you ever felt like that?

My guess is most would answer YES! When navigating through foggy waters there is the chance encounter of unexpected obstacles. Tree stumps, logs, wetland; any number of things can bring us to a complete halt as we try to paddle our way around or out of what hinders our progress to that distant beam of light.

Even now, as daylight breaks the fog does not subside. In my quiet aloneness I whisper a S.O.S prayer hoping it reaches that beacon of light along the distant shoreline.

“HELP ME! I’m lost and drifting with no sense of direction. Lift the fog and guide me to the light. Lift the fog and bring me to solid ground.”

It was nothing more than a simple prayer offered in faith with a sincere longing to be saved from the fog of my life. As I paddled toward the light, the fog gradually began to lift and I was overcome with emotions of awed reverence as the light before me grew brighter and my destination became clearly defined.

There is a light that never fails us.Beacon-Shining-SusanPollard

Jesus is the light on the distant shore and He longs to guide you out of what seems to be an impenetrable fog that encompasses your life. You only need to ask; Jesus stands ready to listen every moment of every day. His beacon of light never fails to guide us home.

There are moments it may flicker when we turn away and head in the wrong direction. But if our heart is sincere and we cry out to Him, He will lead us to safety.

Look to Jesus; He can and will lift the fog when we cry out to Him in our distress.

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