I Can’t Find My Car

It’s 3am; same dream, same theme and same frustration that awakens my sleep. I can’t find my car in a parking lot that stretches a four city block area. The scenery is always similar to other dreams. It’s usually in a downtown area in a hospital parking lot. That could be because I worked at a large city hospital back in the day.

In no way am I a dream chaser, but when the same dream recurs over time I do give consideration whether something in my life needs attention. Especially when waking wanting the dream to end.

Where is my car?lost in parking lot2

That’s a good question. Consider walking around multiple city blocks searching for your car; it’s exhausting, distressing and filled with anxiety. You seek the help of others, but they are busy with finding their own cars and getting to where they need to be.

I equate the question of ‘Where is my Car’ to the question of ‘Where is my Life?’ For me, the dream backdrop of a hospital setting has everything to do with a time in my life I felt lost. I was unhappy in my hospital job, had gone through a divorce and felt unfilled in so many ways.

Where is my life?

If you are feeling lost, disoriented without purpose and struggling to discover your way in this place we call life… welcome! As a born-again Christian I stand assured that God knows where I parked my car. The frustration is HE wants me to find it by myself so that I remember that it’s parked in God’s parking lot of Grace. He even has a designated parking space with my name: DENISE MARKS.

How to find your car (life)?

That depends on how much you trust God. I’m not kidding. When I awaken at 3am from my ‘can’t find my car’ dreams, I talk with God. I often wonder whether He is even listening. Ever felt that way?

The truth is God loves us, and is concerned about everything that concerns us. He gives us His full attention even when the heavens seem silent; He has promised that to those that call upon His name.

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” (1 John 5:14)

What lot did you leave your car (life) parked in?

Lot A, Lot B, Lot C… every lot has a different story,  no matter where you have parked your life, God is there to help you find your way to the cross and drive you away from the heartache, sadness, depression, addictions, sickness, financial loss…whatever you may be suffering at this moment.

To some of you, my personal life seems seamless, almost perfect. There is nothing further from the truth. Most days, like you, I am looking for my car in the endless parking lots of life. At times, I wander aimlessly and other times I have a clear picture of where I have parked.


Father God, I am thankful and grateful that you love me. This life on earth is often filled with hardships, disappointments that leave us searching for our car (your way).

For today, I ask that You guide me in the direction of the parking ramp you have currently parked my life. Let me unlocked the door to your blessings and move in the direction you have set before me.

Remind me that You hear me always no matter where my car is parked (my life).


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your way of seeing this dream. It helped me a lot. The prayer is amazing. I have saved it in my mobile to not forget to look at it and read it throughout the day. Thank you very much. ♥️

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