Is This Your Prayer Today?

shooting starThis has been my devotional prayer for some time now. I know, it’s seems depressing but it is genuinely how I have felt about some things lately. I share because I believe there are many of you going through life circumstances that speak these same words.

Know this: There is always hope in Christ Jesus even when situations shout “He doesn’t care!” God loves us more than we can comprehend. Hang tight and He will bring you through whatever battle and dark place you find yourself in right now.

I can’t wait to post a follow-up of praise!


Heavenly Father,

My thoughts are like shooting stars racing through the universe as unanswered questions.  They catapult into the blackness of night skies.

The stillness of the heavens is deafening as my barely audible voice penetrates into the darkness. My words are like miscalculated arrows that flounder to find targets of victory.

My whimpers gradually metamorphose into cries of desperation and pleas for help.  God of the universe do you hear me? Silence prevails.

Created for victory yet I am defeated. Destined for faith but overwhelmed with crushing waves of hopeless unworthiness.

Rivers of tears have become speechless laments that flood my pillow each night. Has my Maker turned deaf ears to me?  My cries of distress go unnoticed.

Tell me; is there purpose in feeling defeated and alone? The path before me is no longer illuminated. Am I being prepared to conquer the giants in my life? If so, I can’t do it in this darkness.

My heart is full of words, yet I refrain speaking them for fear my anger and disappointment may discharge the arrows of my unanswered questions into an even darker abyss.

There are voices that encourage me in daylight hours and for a moment I feel hope. Then, the cascading shadows of night fall over me and I am alone with my tears.

Is this how Jesus felt as he died on the cross and uttered the words, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.” Yet, he triumphed and his lament was turned into dancing and everlasting joy.

God, please don’t waste this pain. Make it purposeful and a story to share in the days ahead.  Pierce my darkness with arrows ablaze with the morning sun to contend against the enemy of my soul.

I know you collect and keep record of my tears. If only you would uncap the bottle so you might refresh yourself regarding my anguished pleas for comfort and help.

Arise, oh God of the universe and make carnage of my hopeless thoughts and scatter the arrows of the enemy that seek to destroy my purpose, joy and worth that is my gifted birthright through Jesus.

In your silence remind me that the faithfulness of your joy and mercies begin afresh each morning. My difficult and trying circumstance will pass if I stand firm in the knowledge that You go before me in all things.


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