rattled, shaken, all mixed up, discombobulated, stunned and a host of other descriptive words come to mind. Oh, and let’s add anger, frustration and distress into the mix.

Life happens, it’s not a new phenomenon, yet sometime it slaps us in the face and we are left befuddled by it all.

Our life can easily be scripted with chapters of befuddled moments, what I call do over moments in life. Do-over moments are a gift from God and though God loves us, He can’t take back the former situation or how we reacted to it. That’s the learning part God imparts to us.

Sometimes, like Jonah, we get stuck in the belly of the whale because we choose a ticket in the opposite direction of Nineveh (or the place God wants us to be in our life). Taking an easier route seems a better option and it’s generally done in disobedience to God’s appointed direction because no one likes to be in situations that may be confrontational.

God has earned a reputation for putting people in confrontational situations. As Creator of the universe, God certainly has a divine, justified right to shake us up (befuddles us) at times into seeing things according to HIS eternal purpose.

And then there is JESUS.  He takes our ‘befuddled’ life moments, reshapes and transforms them into something that conforms us to HIS purpose. In His grace and mercy he offers us do-over moments to alter the outcome of our befuddled life moments.

We don’t get Do-over moments after death; if God is speaking to your heart about things that have you rattled, shaken and all mixed up, I urge you to listen. You may not have that chance tomorrow.


Heavenly Father, I know you are with me in my befuddled life moments if I would slow down AND ASK FOR YOUR HELP. Open my heart to listen to that inner voice, your voice, which seeks to direct my footing to solid ground. Today, create in my a clean heart, a heart willing to serve you in obedience so I can avoid do-over moments in life.

“My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak (in your befuddled moments).”

 2 Corinthians 12:9



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