Benefactor Friendships

istockphoto-1047813448-612x612There are times within our Christian friendship circles that those we love will have no interest in our God-driven purpose and, quite honestly, don’t care. We become a convenient resource to fulfill their self-absorbed and purpose driven desires. We unknowingly become partnered in a benefactor friendship that furthers a self-ordained purpose in their life and don’t recognize it until after the fact.

I get it (not that I understand it). All I can do is pray, forgive and move on and I encourage you to do the same because harboring grudges serves no purpose but to hinder our growth in Him.

Holding a grudge prevents the Holy Spirit from operating within your God-purposed life. God CANNOT operate when we have an unforgiving spirit.

“Just as the Lord has forgiven you, you also should forgive.”
Colossians 3:13

In this moment, I appeal to you to forgive and pray for the person you are forgiving. Our goal in life is to be healthy in every aspect of ourselves and forgiveness plays an important emotional part in releasing us from the grips of our resentment and allows us to experience the freedom that forgiveness brings through Christ Jesus.





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