Ug upi vsm trsf yjod upi str yti;u s,sxomh/.  O pgyrm yu[r eoyjpi ;pplomh i[ ;pplomh sy yjr vp,[iyrt dvtrrm/. Yjrm ,u gomhrtd strm Y str pmy toyj lrud. Yjod od ejsy zo hry/.

As I looked up at the jumbled characters on my computer screen I realized in my overzealous effort to finish a writing project, I had misaligned my fingers on the keyboard.  It wasn’t the first time, and probably not the last. The garbled mess reminded of the many times I have tapped wrong keys in my life.

And then enters Jesus, the greatest editor of all times. He erases every erroneous keystroke we tap in our life story, even those things we consider impossible to erase. Divorce, addiction, spousal infidelity, hopelessness, despair, lack of judgment and the unmentionables are translated by grace and rewritten by forgiveness.

If your life story reads like this:

O esd upimh/ smf yjpihjy z lmew rbrtuyjomh/ Opmu smf pm yjr trnpimf/ Dyo;; o,syitr/ Yjpiy oy esd vpp; yp n;pe d,plr tomhd. Yp nrvs,r sffovyrf yp vohstrryrd/: Ejrtr upi trs;;u yjsy n;omf yp mpy drr ejsy esd js[[rmomh/ d;homr; dpomhd hpermvp d;ohmd rpdq;odh;dfmg/  

Maybe it’s time to let Jesus take control of the keyboard of your life. He longs to edit and rewrite our garbled life story to read like this:

Forgiven, redeemed and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. God’s grace has rewritten this life story. Hopelessness has turned to faith and joyfulness has replaced despair. The Word of God has proclaimed judgment on sin and buried it beneath the cross.

It is easy to become overzealous and misaligned when writing our life story. I tend to seek the tailwind of success and take shortcuts that point me in the direction of wrong choices. Thankfully, Jesus stands ready to realign my erroneous keystrokes to the Word of God; the ultimate keyboard of life.


  1. Wow – huge truths in a few words. Bam! I believe this post will impact many who need to run into His arms and surrender to His help. Love this one, Denise. More, please!

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