menuThe cafeteria style deli was a favorite 1980s place for a diverse group of downtown workers to grab a quick sandwich for lunch. As lunch trays made their way to the checkout, it wasn’t unusual to see bank presidents and high profile attorneys conversing with retail store clerks and stock boys. When you entered Grandmother’s Kitchen everyone was on equal terms and included homeless individuals that roamed the city streets.

I remember the gentleman who ate lunch with cigarette butts in his nose and ears. It was rumored he was once a notable journalist who suffered a mental breakdown and experienced hallucinogenic episodes when not on medication. Notable other include the man who directed traffic in his underwear, the woman who dressed for the North Pole in the middle of summer and the guy dressed in a super hero costume that offered sidewalk hugs. These were just a few of the many unique guests welcomed at Grandmother’s Kitchen.

Jesus welcomes us in the same way; we are all on equal terms with Him. He feeds our spiritual hunger and offers daily menu selections to satisfy our every need. Take a peek at today’s menu.


Open Face Sandwich A hard crusted layer of sin covered with grace, layered with mercy and topped off with an unlimited side dish of forgiveness.  

Mixed Green Salad Wonderful mixture of hope, love and imperfections blended with redemption. Dressing choices include:  Once was Lost, Blood of the Lamb or Calvary.

Soup of the Day An assortment of sins washed in salvation, simmered in the Word of God and served with slices from the bread of life.

Lamb Plate This lamb dish is the best comfort food on the menu. Basted in forgiveness, it oozes with the flavors of grace and redemption. Served with a side of the daily soup or mixed green salad.

Pie Alamode The sweetness of the Holy Spirit coupled with prayer and drizzled with a layer of faith.   

**No need to tip. All gratuity fees were paid for by Jesus.

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  1. So creative and so true…Jesus loves us, this we know, for the Bible tells us so…and He shows us by feeding and caring for us, no matter our condition. I just placed my order for a full-course meal.

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