Never judge the contents of a book by its cover. 

“It is only when we open the frumpy book covers of those around us, and sift through the pages of their life, that we are able to see the beauty that lies within.” –Denise Lobbs Marks–

In our lifetime, we will walk past countless books with exterior covers in every condition imaginable; all with a story to share. You may be the type that befriends only the trendy books on the best-seller list with exteriors dressed in colorful jacket covers.  I tend to seek out books with frayed edges, broken bindings and clearly in need of restoration.

Battered covers often have a main character with an incredible story to share, and as the story unfolds, unscripted and transparent truths about the character are revealed. With every page turn, something new is uncovered about their life and I begin to see the fictional character as a living, breathing person.  

I find myself thinking, I never knew that about you; I had no idea how much you suffered, you should have asked for help.

What is your story, what is the condition of your book cover?

 If your cover shows signs of abuse, wear and tear and is unraveling at the seams; then it’s time open the cover of your life, and with the help of others, faces the reality of your situation. Don’t wait until your cover has a broken binding before you rewrite your life story.

God stands ready to restore and publish your amazing ‘saved by grace’ story. He refurbishes the cover, gives us a new story to tell and places us next to another book with a broken binding, and says, “Share your story.”

Like Jesus, we should seek out those individuals with less desirable book covers and lead them to the Master of restoration.

“The numbered pages of our life are scripted daily and new chapters added yearly. Our life story is a never ending process until the last page of our story reads: THE END.” –Denise Lobbs Marks–

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  1. Reminds me of the times Dad and I would go to Grand Rapids to look through the old books. There was more depth in those old books than the cover revealed. No colorful covers, but ugly dusty blue or grey. Inside those old books were treasures of thoughts from people long forgotten.

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