This is a poem I wrote after the death of a long time friend from high school days. She passed away from a rare blood disorder that she has battles since our teen years.


As we grow older, we reflect on our past.
On memories we cherish; on footprints that last.
Of moments and times that are stamped in our heart;
of those childhood memories that never depart.

Life’s but a whisper, and we learn that in death;
Our earthly being escapes in a breath.
We plan for our future; reach out to tomorrow….
But it is extended time, time we have borrowed.

“I have all the time in the world”, we say;
“That moment of death is so far away.”
And then it happens; death knocks on the door.
Of someone we love, and they’re with us no more.

Like our friend, Davena, who fought the good fight;
Her soul now ascended, at peace in God’s light.
I hear her cry out “Let forgiveness reign;
Cherish the moments, stop placing the blame.”

Step back a moment; give pause to this life;
Examine your hearts for the afterlife.
What legacy would you leave if you died today;
Did you leave any footprints along the way?

In all that you did, what would matter the most;
Are there moments cherished;  times held close?
Success means nothing, nor does money or fame.
At the end of our life, we depart the same.

Take time to consider, what matters the most.
What words would be spoken at life’s final toast?
Words from the soul, words that expressed
the message you lived, what your heart tried to confess?

Is there life after death?  Not all will agree.
But one thing is certain; you can’t disagree.
When hearts randomly meet and their spirits blend;
The combination produces a lifelong friend.

Farewell sweet Davena, may your soul be at rest.
How should our letters to Heaven be addressed?
Please let us know, we all await your reply;
In the meantime, Davena, we send our good-byes.

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