A recent bed-time conversation with my ten year old grandson was an eye-opener. We talked about our favorite things to do, what brings happiness and what he believed was most important in life. Like any kid his age, the responses were straightforward and honest; he felt no need to offer a right or exaggerated answer. He answered from his heart.

I wasn’t prepared for the simplicity of my grandson’s responses. . He looked at life by moments and shared memories. My answers were based on life in hindsight; regrets, failures and milestones never achieved. You know, those “think big,” “go for the gold,” “climb the ladder of success” milestone moments that never happened.

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” (Rose Kennedy)

Listening to my grandson share how he enjoyed the little things in life resonated with me. It wasn’t about achievements, accomplishments or awards; it wasn’t about being the best at any one thing. It was about moments; those seemingly insignificant moments that illuminate the drone of the day-to-day. Here are my grandson’s responses.

What are your favorite things to do?

Riding my bike (and not wipe-out)
Playing Roblox on the computer with my best friend
Craft nights at NeeNee’s house
Riding in the red BMW roadster with Poppy
Playing soccer

What brings happiness?

Spending time with my family (except Olivia, she can be a stinker!)
Aunt Cait coming home for a visit
An Amazon wish list
Unpacking NeeNee’s Nutcracker collection at Christmas
My Dad being a counselor at church camp

What is most important in life?

Having Jesus in my heart
My Saying bedtime prayers with my Mom and Dad
Learning how to cook my favorite foods with Poppy
A guys hunting weekend with my Dad every fall
That my Mommy laughs and forgets about work

Life is about those unexpected moments that shift our mindset from achieving milestones to capturing moments and memories. We should seize the moment and live life as it comes to us day by day; not in the past, not in the future, but right here and right now.

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