The word ‘disposable’ is defined as things intended to be used once, or until no longer useful, and then thrown away.

Most will agree that the advent of plastic certainly accelerated and defined us as a throw-away society. We give little or no thought to tossing away things that no longer serve a purpose. From paper products to printer ink cartridges, the list is endless.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, each time we toss something in the trash, we are tossing away some sort of value. Disposable items are not free; they are purchased for a price and that gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘disposable income’.

We tend to link the term disposable to tangible items only, but our society has clearly refined the word to include a host of intangible things.

Thankfully, God is all about recycling, repurposing and reinvesting. He finds a purpose and meaning in those suffering from abuse, loss, divorce, captivity, depression, persecution, loneliness or disease. He is in the business of recycling people. The word ‘disposable’ never enters His mind.

When we put ourselves completely at God’s disposal, He reinvents us. I can say with confidence that God defines the word ‘disposable’ as something redirected and recycled to fulfill a greater purpose than its intended use.

There were times in my life when the world would have found me no longer useful. I was depressed, lonely, divorced and had suffered great loss both emotionally and financially. My mental state was close to a breakdown and I saw no value in living. But God had a greater purpose.

Close family and friends who have weathered my ‘disposable’ life moments will be the first to agree, God reinvents and recycles us in ways we never thought possible. To those who wonder why I am not ashamed to express my faith in Jesus, I say, “Come visit and share my ‘disposable’ moments.”

The visual exterior of a structure (person) is not always what it appears.  Jesus looks beyond our exterior. He is not in the disposable, throw-away business. He’s in the recycling business. He longs to transform your mind, pattern of living and salvage any ‘disposable’ moments you may be facing in your life. His name is Jesus and He longs to reinforce your value.

God’s Word is clear, “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away (our disposable self), yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day (our spiritual self)” (2 Corinthians 4:16). Look to the unseen and let your eyes become alive to God’s definition of ‘disposable’. He excludes no one.

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