In my early twenties my grandma watched my daughter while I attended evening classes at a local university. I held a full-time day job; to say it was a struggle would be an understatement, but my life as a single-mom was beginning to look up. I was nearing my educational destination and feeling a sense of security.And then one night that security was shaken. I picked up my daughter …after class and started my drive home. The traffic light turned green just as I approached the last intersection before my street. I remember thinking, “Wow, green lights at every traffic stop. Maybe this is affirmation I am on the right path”; and then, my car was spinning out of control.The car careened across two lanes of traffic and came to rest in an opposing lane. I struggled to remain calm as my seven-year old daughter screamed in panic. Just a few seconds earlier the traffic light signaled all clear. And then, without warning, I was blind-sided by a drunken driver speeding through a stop sign.

The driver had long vanished leaving broken car pieces scattered over the roadway. The impact left me pointed in the opposite direction and crippled my sense of direction.
Have you ever been cruising through the green lights of life only to find yourself blind-sided by a life changing moment? As you struggle for clarity; you question, “What lane am I in, what direction am I heading and what are my damages?”

Maybe it is a divorce, unwanted pregnancy, suicide or physical abuse. A senseless gang shooting, drugs or alcohol addictions are all things that can blind-side us and force us to remap the direction we are traveling. Our reactions to those moments define us.
In those moments we need to pull out our full coverage insurance policy with Jesus and file a claim based on Romans 10:13:

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

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