“Praise God in heaven!  His love never fails.” (Psalms 136:26)

This morning I read a brief clip beneath a photo. It was the picture of a young man in in his early twenties resting his head on the shoulder of a Jewish man on a New York subway. Onlookers stated the Jewish man didn’t move a muscle as he graciously allowed the man to sleep.

After a while one of the passenger asked if he should awaken the young man, but the Jewish gentleman shook his head and responded, “He must have had a long day, let him sleep.”There are times when the burdens of our heart weigh us down and become too heavy to carry alone. Like the young man on the subway we seek a resting place from our daily struggles, a shoulder to lean on.

The Bible tells us God never fails to offer us a resting place. We may not understand the many ways He positions individuals in our path to fulfill his promise of comfort, hope and renewal; but His love never fails us. Our Heavenly Father knows when we are feeling trapped, defenseless, hurting and walking through the valley of death. God is with us at every subway stop in our life.

Today as you board the subway of life I encourage you to rest in God’s unfailing promise of love. Lean on His shoulder as you pass through all the stops charted for your life. And remember, God’s shoulder just might be the Jewish man seated next to you.


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