The Enter Key

Since COVID-19 much of what we do, both personally and socially, is being done online. The keyboard and ENTER key has become our voice to share thoughts and opinions; often without reflection or forethought.

When challenged with opposing viewpoints it’s easy to be confrontational in our opinions and fail to hold our emotions in check and we react and respond out of anger, fear or lack of knowledge.

We tend to throw caution to the wind and little consideration is given to the power of the ENTER key as we discharge toxic words we can’t retrieve and cause irreparable damage to friendships, family members or the community.

The ENTER key gives us a sense of power. We can cripple our adversaries, block friends / family members and share every past and present injustice, inequality and disparity in our life. Of course, it’s based on our perception and life experiences. Often those we respond to are mere strangers the ENTER key facilitates an open target season on anyone with a differing point of view.

Voice tones and inflections go undetected in typed words, there is no sentiment expressed; they are a string of lifeless characters empowered only by the ENTER key.

There is an alternative (ALT).

For those of you old enough to remember, it’s the ALT key on your keyboard. Back in the early DOS days, you would hold down the CONTROL / ALT / DELETE key to reboot your computer system. Honestly, it’s not a bad idea to reboot our system (aka: heart) once in a while and step back, take a deep breath. Open a new window in our life; a blank page where we share words that are positive, uplifting, encouraging, loaded with hope and inspiration.

Opinions aren’t allowed?

Differing opinions is part of God’s kindness in giving us a free will. But God doesn’t excuse or condone words spoken with malice, hatred, bitterness and holding grudges toward one another. This thing we call life, well, we’re in it together and since COVID the need to bind together in an effort to lift up each other is coveted more than ever.

Have opinions, but be mindful of the ENTER key. I have had to step back many times and let the words rest on the page for a couple of days; sometimes even have a friend tender my thoughts. Nothing about life is easy these days, but one thing is certain, we need each other.

It’s O.K to have opinions, but we don’t always need to share with the world. Try this…write your post, then send to your email. Let is sit in your email box for at least 24 hours. Open it, read it and then decide if it is worthy of hitting the ENTER button. My guess is you may take CONTROL of your thoughts/opinions, look for the ALT (alternative) key and hit DELETE button.

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