The Hope of Blue Skies

When a beautiful sunny day is overshadowed with clouds of darkness, I put my trust in you.

There is hope that blue skies will be revealed as I lift my voice toward heaven and call upon your name. You send rays of grace and love that pierce through the veil to restore the blue skies and mercy that descends like the morning dew.

Only you know my desires and intentions; my heart is an open book before you. You bump into my weaknesses everyday but, unlike man, you see progress in my imperfect progress as you work to restore blue skies in dark places.

 “Behold, I do a new thing…I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

Trust me, most are aware of their chasms. The need to point out the weaknesses, flaws and imperfections of others will never bring a change of heart, mind and soul. Why? Because restoring brokenness and the jagged edges of life is solely a God appointed position. Our best action is prayer.

When a beautiful sunny day is overshadowed with clouds of darkness, I put my trust in you.

My eyes turn toward your heavenly cathedral and my voice is lifted in praise before you. Only you can pierce the darkness, only you know the cries of my heart, only you can redirect the inclinations that long to overtake me.

Heartbreak, fear and despair can be companions that often obscure our thoughts and perspective. Past failures, anger, rejection, betrayal and disappointment are other factors that control our behavior and determine the cloud cover of the blue skies God desires to give us.

Every day is God ordained, good, bad or ugly. He is the God of blue skies, clouds and stormy weather. Are you looking for brighter days in the wasteland of life?

When a beautiful sunny day is overshadowed with clouds of darkness, I put my trust in you.

blue skies2God uses conflicts, difficulties and complicated life issues for good no matter how it turns out. You may want to help family members and friends find the blue skies of their life but you can’t make a way in their wilderness and streams in their wasteland. To try and direct their life journey only adds anxiety and hopelessness. Instead PRAY!

When the feeling of ‘Not Approved’ hangs over your head like a black cloud remember it’s not the voice of our Lord. It is the voice of man. God is Lord of conviction, not condemnation. He gives us the courage to change even when others whisper disapproval and judgment. He works in His time-frame and according to the His purpose.


Dear Lord,

Bring peace, blue skies and joy to those who struggle to overcome their weaknesses, those with heartaches to be healed and in need of spiritual restoration. Allow us to unlock the potential for change through prayer and the power of God’s Word.

Help us wait on you as you go before us in every difficult situation. When we want to react to our situation and the voices of those around us, let me pause and wait on you before I speak.


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