Dodging the Sprinklers

I watched my husband, Chris, cross the lawn and head to our boat to retrieve something left onboard. As he exited the dock the automatic lawn sprinklers began spraying water in every direction.  It was quite humorous to watch as he stood dumbfounded trying to decide what direction to go.  No matter what direction he turned a sprinkler head would blast him with pellets of water.

Now what? Chris retreated to the dock and walked the edge of the sea wall to our neighbor’s yard in a final attempt to stay dry. Unfortunately, the neighbor’s sprinklers started firing up as he walked the property line. My honey-man just couldn’t win.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t win?

In one moment you are strolling through life with few worries and then without warning…BAM!  You find yourself walking through a barrage of unexpected, unavoidable events that make you want to claim defeat.

Don’t do it! Defeat isn’t an option; not now, not ever.

What’s the purpose of a sprinkler bath?

We will all walk through trials and tribulations; those unexpected automatic sprinklers in life. The good news is that God loves us so much that he perfectly times the trigger to fit where we are in our life. Sometimes the sprinkler heads are positioned to the right, left and sometimes they are dead center to our path.

Like my husband, we can try to avoid them by walking the perimeter. Yet God has a divine way of popping up sprinkler heads in the most unlikely place that force us to walk through HIS intended route and that often requires us to get wet (whether we want to or not).

What sprinkler heads have you been dodging lately?

Fear, anger, disobedience, have you stopped spending alone time with sprinklerheadGod; maybe hanging out with the wrong crowd? It could be any number of things that keeps you walking the perimeter of your Christian walk with God. But know this—eventually sprinkler heads will pop up in places you least expect and their stinging force are meant to penetrate the heart, soul and mind.

When God’s sprinkler heads finally retreat our spirit is saturated with a desire to turn away from those things that cause us to walk the perimeter of His perfect plan for our life.


Heavenly Father, I sometimes find myself walking the perimeter of the life you have planned for me because I don’t want to get wet and cleansed of certain things in my life. They may not be sinful things, but they keep me from walking the divine path you have determined for me.

Thank you for caring and loving me to take time to set up sprinkler heads that are perfectly timed by YOU!


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