to overpower the thoughts, emotions, or senses of; to cover over or bury completely; to weigh or rest upon overpoweringly

In the last month I have sensed a blanket of darkness covering many close friends and family members; both Christian and non-believers alike. It’s as if the enemy of this world has taken evil to a new level with the knowledge that the return of Jesus is nearing. Demonic forces in the spiritual realm are fighting for souls with an unceasing desire to destroy, devour and wreak havoc until we forfeit ourselves to the forces of darkness.

I have no doubt that if the curtain to the spiritual world was lifted we would witness warfare as this earth has never before seen. We would see God’s mighty army of Angels in combat against the demonic, satanic forces of hell as they fight to keep the sweet aroma of our prayers from reaching the Throne room of God.

In those moments and seasons of being ‘overwhelmed’ understand there is an unseen war going on in the heavens for your soul, your family and your faith in Jesus. Satan does everything he can to keep us distracted from embracing the power and victory we have in the blood bath that happened at the cross and the glorious resurrection that followed. What you need to know is this ruler of darkness was defeated at Calvary.

If you are overwhelmed with today’s life circumstances, I encourage you to change your thought process and become overwhelmed with HIM. We live and breathe and have our being in HIM, meaning Christ Jesus.

As the heavens wage war, rest in the knowledge and assurance that your prayers are a cloud of incense that have the power to disband a host of angels on your behalf when you seek God with your whole heart.

I’m not talking idle prayers filled with Hail Mary’s and ritualistic verbiage. I’m talking war room prayers that come from the depths of your innermost being; prayers that are a sweet-smelling offering before God because the perfect sacrifice of Jesus alone ensures that He hears us.

Overwhelmed? Be overwhelmed with Jesus instead of the forces of darkness. We can’t always change the stuff in our lives that feels bigger than we can handle, BUT we can run to God our high tower.

“From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety.” Psalm 61:2 (NLT)


Father God,

When life circumstances are overwhelming bring me to the safety of the cross and bend my knees in prayer with heart felt words empowered to rise to your throne room as aromatic incense to your nostrils and cause you to move on my behalf.

Draw me to your altar to lay down my weighted burdens and let the breath of your Holy Spirit renew and overwhelm me with your presence.


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