The Buttermilk Shot

There are many things I do that drive my grandkids crazy, but there is one that absolutely horrifies them and that is drinking buttermilk straight out of the container. It’s a staple item in my fridge and its positioned front and center right next to the 2% milk the grand kids use for cereal.

Imagine the repulsed reaction my grandson had when pouring buttermilk into his cereal bowl one morning. YOWSERS! He took one bite and spewed out a mouthful of cereal in double time.

HIM: Oh my gosh, Neenee, that milk is so spoiled.”
ME: “Did you check the label?”
HIM: “Yes, it said Country Fresh, Dairy Pure. So it should fresh.”
ME: “Did you bother to read the rest of the label?”
HIM: “No, why would I?
ME: “Because the label reads buttermilk.”

From that day forward it’s a standard joke with my grandkids that anytime they get out of line, talk back, are disrespectful or let their temper get the best of them, they have to do a shot of buttermilk. A good number of their friends who spend time with us also know this is truth.

Parent’s, if you are having behavioral issues with your child let me suggest purchasing a gallon of buttermilk; the chunkier, the better. It’s a standard antidote at Neenee and Poppy’s house. If they refuse to drink it, set up another shot glass. Before you know it, there will be 6 or 7 shot glasses lined up.

At some point it will become comical to both you and your child and laughter prevails. It’s not to say behavior issue are not be challenged, but hopefully buttermilk shots can buffer those intense moments of anger and assist in promoting a calmer environment in which you can talk with your child.


  1. I had the same conversation with my grandmother. To prove it was good, she drank a glass. My cousins and I nearly threw up, but we loved the biscuits later that afternoon.

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