Autumn’s Last Hurrah

leavesThe leaves lazily drift from the tree branches and graciously land on the green grass; some are carried away by the lake’s water current. The wind seems to whisper autumn is coming and watching the squirrels gather acorns is confirmation that a season change is forthcoming.

The smell of fall is in the air and the crisp, cool evenings are a gently reminder that jackets, sweatshirts and hot beverages will be welcomed at the Friday night high school football games. Raking leaves, bonfires and visits to apple orchards become weekend ritual to those of us living in Michigan.

It’s the last hurrah of summer; the last boat ride around the lake, one last chance to catch that big fish before summer’s end, planting mums and decorating the porch with pumpkins and corn stalks in preparation for Halloween trick or treaters.

As I stack the outdoor patio cushions in the storage bin, I can’t help but wonder what season changes are like in heaven. Will there be seasonal venues? You know, I would like to experience summer right now and so we visit a summer venue. Or when spring strikes our fancy, we make visit to see all the tulips, crocuses and daffodils gardens.

God took great care in creating the beauty of earth for our enjoyment. I find it hard to imagine that in His New Heaven on Earth it will not be filled with the seasons we love most.  Mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls, rain forests to the explosion of nature’s most intimate secrets. It is ours to discover.

You may live in a different part of the world than me. Yet, the amazing design of God’s creation allows us to enjoy a different view, different perspective and different seasons of His creative process.

So, as I experience the joys of autumn in Michigan, you may be splashing beneath a waterfall in another part of the world, swimming with dolphins, hiking a summit or snow shoeing in some remote area of the world. It’s all good.

Inhale and rejoice in the season. For me it is autumn. This means the smell of burning leaves, roasting pumpkin seeds, caramel dipped apples, hanging Indian corn on my front door and carving pumpkins…and so much more.

You will never repeat this day. Enjoy it, embrace it and make a memory.

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  1. You bring back to my senses the smells and beauties of the autumn season. Seasons of the past when my children with dad and mom would collect beautiful leaves to wax or take to school for show and tell. Oh the joy of autumn!

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