sailboatSome of my best life lessons have been learned while leaning against the wind with my sails pointed in the opposing direction because I refused to be navigated by the tailwinds of popular opinions.

In my mid- twenties, I participated in catamaran races at Higgins Lake in Northern Michigan. There were times tailwinds were so strong you would glide across the lake on one pontoon. It was smooth sailing. Then, there were races where it was a struggle to reach the next marker because head winds forced you to sail in a zigzag pattern. It was a struggle to move forward, but there were no other options other than sit, sink, or sail.

In today’s world, Christians are continually faced with views that oppose and challenge our faith and moral beliefs. We find ourselves leaning against the wind while others glide forward on one pontoon; they appear to be winning the race. But are they?

Whether by choice and or an unexpected change in wind direction, our Christian faith grows when we are faced with adversity. It’s easy to sail through life with a belief system based on popular opinions, liberal attitudes and no regard for biblical principles. But being the first to the finish line doesn’t guarantee a trophy. Unless we point our sails toward God’s finish line, we lose the race.

Are you currently leaning into the wind because your Christian beliefs are being challenged? Hold tight to the ropes of your sails and know that when you ‘come about’ you will be pointed in the right direction. Allow the Word of God to navigate your direction in life; it’s your only GPS in a world ripe with opinions and beliefs that contradict fundamental Christian values.

Don’t fail to lean against (or into) the wind when necessary to stay on course to the finish line. Let Jesus guide your sails when faced with adversity. You may not take first place, but you will finish with your integrity and Christian beliefs intact.

“And a tiny rudder makes a huge ship turn wherever the pilot wants it to go, even though the winds are strong” (James 3:4).

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