AnchorOfHopeMy husband and I decided to take our pontoon boat out for a spin around the lake. We stopped by the lake house and picked up our grand kids who wanted take a ride to the swim hole; a place where all the boaters gather and drop anchor to swim.

Captain Poppy, my husband, maneuvered the boat around other boaters to find the perfect spot to drop anchor. “Right here, Poppy, right here!” shouted the grand kids. Poppy shut off the motor and cast the anchor into the deep waters where you can dive off double-deck boats and jump from ladders without fear of hitting bottom.

Everyone jumped into the water with float toys and noodles for a refreshing reprieve from the sweltering heat that beat down on the boat deck. The grand kids enjoyed splashing each other as they did cannonballs from the back of the pontoon and engaged in water gun fights. But the fun came to an end when someone from a neighboring boat shouted, “Your anchor isn’t holding, your boat is drifting!”

Sure enough, as we turned toward our pontoon, it was slowly drifting in the direction of other anchored boats. We had been too busy having fun to notice we were in trouble. Poppy, a competitive swimmer, wasted no time; he reached the boat in record time and quickly reseated the anchor.

I don’t know about you, but there are times when my life loses its anchor and I am pulled by the current and waves of the deep water. As I begin to drift, a voice calls out, “You have let go of your anchor; you are not where you are supposed to be!” That’s when Captain Jesus throws out a life raft and pulls me back to safety.

If you keep Jesus securely anchored to your heart, you will not drift into places you should not be. His anchor secures us in deep waters, high tides, low tides and every storm we face in life.

Do you need a secure anchor right now? Jesus stands ready to throw you a life raft if you call out His name and anchor your soul in His Word.

“In their distress they cried out to the LORD. He saved them from their troubles.” Psalms 107:19


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