IMG_9214As I survey my house this Mother’s Day morning, it is in total chaos. The grandkids have been here all weekend, and with friends, I might add. Every counter and table is cluttered with things I am working on for Olivia’s birthday party next Saturday, there is the lemonade stand and all the paraphernalia that entails…like cups, coins, candy and, of course, lemonade.

The hardwood floors in the kitchen have crumbs of every sort scattered beneath the counter stools and my back deck is covered with Xploderz pellets the kids shot from their Xploder gun. The laundry room overflows with dirty clothes, breakfast dishes fill the sink and clean clothes are strewn across my bed waiting for someone to fold them.

My daughter and son-in-law will be arriving shortly to spend a few hours with me and I’m not sure where there will sit. Let’s see, between the lemonade stand, art stand, forts that are inside, there are the Xploderz guns, bucket of pellets, new deck shades that need to be installed and flats of flowers that occupy the outdoor space. And we can’t use the front deck because it was just stained and still not dry.

Yet, even with all the chaos that surrounds me, I am happy and content as I watch the grandkids help Poppy wash cars and splash their feet in puddles of soapy water. The squeal of children as they ride bikes, skateboard and jump on pogo sticks is music to the heart.

My house and yard may be in total disarray, but my heart is merry. I regret that I couldn’t embrace this truth when my daughter was the age of my grandkids. She didn’t care if the floors were clean or the dishes were washed. A trip to the park was way more memorable than my obsession with organization and a clean house.

Take time to seize the moment. If your kids or grandkids want you to play, ride bikes or take a trip to the park, do it! When the house is a mess and there is laundry piled to the ceiling that’s the time to hop on a pogo stick, jump on a bike or head to the park with your kids. Life is too short to be obsessed with things that don’t make memories.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the wisdom of our grandparenting years to use during the parenting years? Love the sound of your chaos…I hear laughter, water splashing, children running and playing (and Chris hanging in there with all of the disarray). You are blessed, NeNe!

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