A cool morning breeze fills my office as I listen to chirping birds and barking dogs. I peer out the window at the clear blue sky and note the trees are showing signs of new growth and bask in a few moments of solitude.

And then, I consider those in the South whose morning view is far different than mine and offer a quiet prayer on their behalf. It seems so insignificant in light of the devastation that has ripped through so many towns and communities with lives taken, homes destroyed and incomes vanished in a matter of minutes. I reflect on the words spoken by my ten-year old grandson, Carson, as he left for school this morning.

When my son-in-law arrived to take the kids to school, Carson was reprimanded by his dad. I can’t recall what was said, but I do remember the angry look on my grandson’s face as he slammed the front door.

I called out after him, “Have a nice day, buddy.” That’s when he spouted out, “It’s hard to have a nice day with a family like mine.”

“Just be glad you have a family,” I replied. “You might want to think about the tornado victims in the South who have lost family. They would give anything to have their family back with them.”

A few moments later, Carson ran back into the house. “I forgot my sweatshirt.” He turned toward me and said, “NeeNee, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that about my family.”

“Give thanks (be grateful) in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Like my grandson, we often accept a pity party invitation only to find we are the sole guest. Circumstances change, but God’s faithfulness does not. It is up to us to choose the view from our window. You can bask in the solitude of God’s grace or pull down the shades and sit alone in darkness.

As I listen to the broadcast stories of tornado victims, it is evident they have chosen to raise the shades and look toward God’s faithfulness and grace in their circumstances.

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