Rhema Marvanne’s was three when her singing mom died. Rhema believes her Mommy left behind her singing voice because she no longer needed it. When you listen to her angelic voice sing Amazing Grace, you will be compelled to agree.

Truly God’s grace is amazing and forever ranks number one on the scale of life, and child-like faith surely ranks second; if it doesn’t, it should. I look no further than my own grand kids to see how a child is instinctively faith infused.

There is power in the untainted faith of a child until they begin to feast on adult food. As they ingest the truths or untruths fed to them, their faith infused can become faith unplugged. When must keep our faith plugged into God’s Word if we want our children, the instruments gifted to us by God, to remain faith infused.

I pray that Rhema Marvanne contines to be mentored and surrounded by those who seek to keep her faith infused and plugged into all that God has to offer. It is the very least we can do for our children.


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