God Wants Our Attention


My daughter and I decided to scout out some year-end sales at a local department store. Intent on finding a bargain, we made a beeline to the clearance sections at the back of the store. I don’t shop in stores often, and when I do, I am on a mission; oblivious to anything or anyone but the rack or shelf in front of me.

I pilfered through the clothing racks looking for items tagged with a 50% off red sticker, or better yet, a 75% off yellow sticker. My daughter combed the children’s section a few yards away. She is what I call a ‘multi-task shopper’ with the ability to focus on more than one sales rack at a time; unlike me, whose focus is limited to one item.

So when she called out MOM several times and I didn’t respond, she resorted to MOTHER. When I still didn’t respond, she shouted out DENISE!  She finally had my attention. When I turned toward her she let out a deep sigh and asked,

 “Are you really that self-absorbed or do I need to get you a hearing aid?”

Certainly God has asked the same question as He calls out to us.

There are times in our life when God can’t get our attention. He gently calls out to us, MY CHILD with no response. He tries again; My SON or My DAUGHTER and our ears still remain closed to His call. But God doesn’t give up. He shouts to us and calls us by name in an effort to redirect our focus.

God longs to reach out and deliver us from our self-absorbed ways. His ears are always open and we don’t have to shout out to God to get his attention; we only need to speak his name. Let us open our ears to hear God’s call.

“Look, the LORD’s hand is not too weak to deliver you; his ear is not too deaf to hear you.”  Isaiah 59:1

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