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As I came around the turn, I was surprised to see a huge two story mansion in the middle of the dirt road. It loomed ominously toward the blue sky and, since it blocked the road, there was no choice but to enter the front door. As I walked the empty rooms of the first floor, I noted my swimsuit attire had changed to shorts and a t-shirt.

The chatter from the second level drew me toward the stairs. At the top of the staircase was a restaurant that bustled with activity. Wow! How could I have not known this restaurant was so close to where I live?  I asked the hostess for a menu; she pointed to a container near the cash register.

“Our menus are in those drawstring bags,” she said. Inside the bag were golf tees, a score card, pencil and a folded menu which made me wonder if the restaurant wasn’t near one of the golf courses near my house.  

In the corridor outside the restaurant people scurried in every direction; but, I was drawn toward the double-paned glass door at the end of the hallway. A middle-aged Armenian woman, named Yevi, greeted me at the door. She guided me to a room filled with books and old photo albums. I knelt next to a bookcase while Yevi shared a number of her best loved books; one was an Armenian Bible.

As she returned her favorite books to the shelf, I spoke about the final square mile of my journey; Yevi listened intently. I explained that my last turn onto Argentine road had led me into a vortex where I lost all sense of direction. Yevi took my hand and led me to a small enclosed patio area. It overlooked a small riverbed and on the other side was a quaint summer cottage and a road that appeared to led to a town square.

“You are correct about the vortex,” she said. “You have arrived at a crossroad; the direction you are headed isn’t what it appears to be. Your original destination is being mirrored by an unknown force. You must follow my instructions if you want to find your way home.”

She positioned my feet on a designated place on the hardwood floor and stepped away. “Close your eyes and let the energy erupt within you. When that happens, your inner spirit will be overwhelmed with a whirlwind of emotions; and you will find yourself on the other side of the river bed.”

I shut my eyes and focused on the words spoken by Yevi. At first, nothing happened and to be honest, I wasn’t sure anything would. And then, I encountered an unknown force that entered through the soles of my feet and exited the top of my head. The physical sensation was powerful and more real than I care to admit.

Just before I woke from my dream, I found myself on the other side of the river bed in familiar surroundings and pointed in the direction of home.

Is there a moral to my dream story?

I’m not sure. Life is filled with stories and ideas that only need an infusion of creativity to bring them to life. There is a lesson or truth to be learned in all things.  You may find a different meaning, or no meaning at all and that’s OK. But I think we can all relate to the craziness of life, dreams and the many ways we try to make sense of them.

This is what I learned from my dream story.

Many of us have taken the long way home because we encounter a spiritual vortex. I’ve experienced many.  When that happens, it’s time for us to position our feet on solid ground, shut our eyes and listen to the voice of God.  As we place our faith and trust in Jesus, we are transported out of the spiritual vortex.  Our square mile runs in life will always be filled with craziness and obstacles we don’t understand; but, Jesus runs before us and is aware of every spiritual vortex that seeks to detour us from the finish line.

Are you faced with a spiritual vortex? Turn to Jesus; the author and finisher of our faith.

Hebrews 12:2

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