Robot2I watched as the grandkids put the finishing touches on their Valentine boxes for school. Each box was unique and the openings for cards were all different. Olivia’s box was a tall castle and the cards dropped in at the top, Carson’s robot accepted cards through a mouth and a porthole on Fischer’s pirate ship opened with a cork handle.

As I lined up the boxes for a photo, Carson asked, “NeeNee, what box do you like best?”  

Each box had been created and uniquely designed by the maker; there was no way to choose. I loved them all the same and appreciated the creative diversity displayed by each child. Carson’s question was similar to asking a parent who is your favorite child; there is simply no way to pick.

I am thankful God feels the same way about each of us.

We are created and uniquely designed us for a specific purpose. Perception, knowledge, talents and the materials we have to work with determines the end results. It’s what we do, with what we have, that matters most in the eyes of God.

“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…” Roman 12:6

“Those who have been given a trust (to manage a gift given by God) must prove that they are faithful.” I Corinthians 4:2

God gifts us with different talents to fulfill those things he has purposed for our life. Just like my grandkids, the point of entry God uses to deliver special message can vary.

God is the founder of diversity.

Make no mistake, God is the founder of diversity; he doesn’t play favorites. Of the millions faces upon on the earth, no two are alike. Personality traits, fingerprints and genetic factors are specific to you. That alone speaks volumes of God’s love for diversity. He uses a variety of colors, materials, textures and embellishments to individually identify us as part of His unique creation. God is no respecter of persons; we are equally loved and each of our Valentine boxes will be different.

Is your heart open to accept delivery of God’s message of love and salvation?

God is the final judge and it won’t be a comparison contest. God doesn’t measure or judge based on outward beauty; His standard is much higher. His judgment is based on what we did with what we had.

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