What is happening to our nation? We have allowed our core values to be directed by the media, television, celebrities and a Godless government. The foundation of America is in a state of apathetic erosion and that indifference has the potential to create a slippery slope that could eventually bury values, morals and any form of Godliness.

Prime-time television advertises everything from sexual dysfunction medication to vaginal lubricants that will heighten pleasure. Call me a prude, but I am disgusted by the inappropriate sexual content, lack of moral values, curse words and overall disrespect for parental authority that is on kid oriented prime-time stations

When the grandkids come to stay, I have no problem with flipping channels when I am uncomfortable with the content. I refuse to be asleep spiritually and not pay attention to the commitment to my faith in Jesus.

Bible scriptures speak about a large portion of Christians who, in the end times, will be lulled into the world of apathy. It is a cancer that has infected America with tentacles that have invaded our government, schools, churches and homes. The very fabric of what once made us a formidable nation is tearing at the seams as we refuse to be accountable to God and His Word.

Mankind is more concerned with ordinary, self-centered, secular pursuits than with the spiritual work of God.  It has birthed apathy and left footprints of disillusionment and lost hope upon the hearts of the next generation. Apathy is a subtle, crafty and hardly noticed; until it has consumed you.

Signs of Spiritual Apathy

·         Self-centeredness: To make your own needs and desires first in your life; God is just an afterthought.

·         Self-indulgence: Gratification is found in all things materialistic with a constant need to feed that desire.

·         Ungratefulness: The gratitude for what Jesus had done for us becomes diminished over time. There is less commitment and devotion to faithfully serve Him.

·          Neglectfulness: The invasive roots of neglect will grow out of control when we fail to plant the seed of God’s Word in our heart. Prayer helps with weed control.

My Plea

Don’t allow apathy to become America’s legacy. As Christians, you can be the antidote to the apathetic cancer that has infested our nation. For that to happen, we must begin to live what we profess to believe and set the standard for Godliness.

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