I believe in angels. Bible scriptures speak of angels that encamp around those who pray and reverently fear the name of the Lord. 

 “The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.” Psalms 34:7

I recently read a story about a mother and daughter driving on an icy and snow blown stretch of highway. Their car suddenly fishtailed out of control and careened wildly across opposite lanes of traffic toward a guardrail.  It was a deadly situation with only seconds to react.

What would be your reaction?

The driver reacted by crying out, “Jesus help us, we are going through the guardrail.” Mom and daughter then braced themselves for the impact that could flip the car over the guardrail into the ravine below. But that didn’t happen.

As the name of Jesus was called out, something miraculous happened. The panic stricken daughter saw six large angels line up along the guardrail. A seventh angel gripped the steering wheel and safely guided the car to the edge of the roadway.

“God will give you into the care of his angels to keep you wherever you go.” Psalms 91:11

Angels rescued me.

I was age ten when my sister, two cousins and I visited our grandparent’s farm in Missouri. At the end of our two week stay, my mom and aunt arrived to drive us back to Michigan. After endless hugs and kisses from our grandparents four kids, under age ten, crammed into the back seat for a 12 hour road trip.

Several hours into the drive a relentless rainstorm developed that impaired visibility on the mountainous highway we traveled. My aunt leaned into the windshield and concentrated on the road ahead as we sat in complete silence; the only sound was the fierce rain and the rumble of thunder. There was no shoulder area to pull over and wait for the storm to pass. The only barrier between our car and the deep, rocky ravines below was a painted white line. I tried not to think what would happen if we crossed that line.

Time has erased many details of that trip, but I have never forgotten the fear I felt when our car spun out of control that rainy day in Kentucky. I remember the four kids in the backseat who shouted: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus as the car did doughnuts in front of oncoming traffic.  

When the car finally came to a stop, it teetered precariously over the white line of the shoulder and the deep ravine below. Although I didn’t see any angels (angels are spirits, they don’t have to be visible), there is no doubt in my mind they miraculously lifted the rear end of our car and firmly planted our back tires on pavement.

There is power in the name of Jesus.

That was my first encounter with the powerful force that follows the name of Jesus. I am convinced it was divine intervention that prevented our vehicle from falling into the rocky ravine that rainy day; all because four young kids called out the name of Jesus.

When faced with a crisis, call out to Jesus. He stands ready to commission His angels to guide, protect, deliver, strengthen and encourage us in our time of need.

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