What Really Matters?

A good friend of mine recently asked,
What really matters? What puts you to task?

What drives your desires, and tugs at your soul
and pushes you forward to meet your goals?

Is it love for your family, or maybe good health;
Or ambitions directed toward acquiring wealth?

Do spiritual things really matter at all,
Or only when life throws a major curve ball?

How would you plan to spend your last day,
What would you do, what would you say?

In hindsight, would you find things you failed to list,
Important things that you somehow missed?

Could you have sent a card, encouraged a friend,
Maybe donated time, or helped someone mend.

Are there things on your list that grant earthly awards,
Or do you give from the heart without claiming rewards?

When considering what matters the most to me,
There is one thing for certain, one thing I believe.

What matters the most are those eternal things,
Those intangible acts of kindness that bring,

Encouragement, strength and joy to mankind,
Those moments of kindness without the headlines.

Is your heavenly bank accruing dividends?
Are you storing up treasure for what matters, my friend?

Take time to consider what matters most to you,
Pursue it with a passion that can’t be subdued.

Seek the ways of God with your heart and soul;
He will push you forward to reach your goals.

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