Once upon a time there was a woman named Israeli. She was a servant to others and subject to those around her. It was rumored the King of Kings was seeking a bride for the Prince of Peace. The future bride must be spotless, a virgin with proof of her birthright.

Israeli longed to attend the grand ball being held by the King of Kings.  But she was just a servant and the clothes in her wardrobe were threadbare; hardly worthy attire for a royal event. Israeli knew she was held captive to a servant’s life and busied herself with the duties she was assigned. Attending the grand ball was not in her future.

But the King of Kings was having problems finding a bride that fit the posted description. “I will send out the Prince of Peace to search for the perfect bride.”  Whoever fits the glass slipper inscribed with the words “Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready.”(Revelations 19:7)

The Prince of Peace searched the land high and low. He longed to bring home a bride to the marriage supper, a bride adorned with righteousness and dressed in fine linens, clean and bright. And then, the Prince arrived at the home of Israeli, the maiden servant. When she saw the royal document held by the Prince, she quickly ran to find her master.

When the master returned, the Prince displayed the royal degree along with the inscribed glass slipper.  Every family member scrambled to the doorstep to try on the slipper, but not one foot would fit into the slipper. As the maid servant turned to shut the door, the Prince of Peace looked into her eyes. “I would like for you to try on the glass slipper”, he said. “Oh, but I can’t”, Israeli exclaimed, “I am not worthy.” But the Prince insisted.

Israeli removed her tattered and worn slippers. They showed signs of abuse and scars from years of hard labor. With her head bowed in reverence, Israeli humbly placed one foot into the slipper. It was a perfect fit.

“I knew the time would come when my perfect bride was revealed.” The Prince of Peace lifted Israeli on his white stallion. “You will never again be subject to the life of a servant. Today you will become the bride of the bridegroom and rule with me for eternity. “Come”, he said, “let us tell the King and prepare for the marriage feast.”

As the Prince and his bride rode off into the sunset, the household who Israeli had served were filled with amazement. A simple maid servant with nothing to offer had just been swept away by the Prince of Peace. And then they heard the Prince shout out, “Prepare for the New Jerusalem.”

As they entered the gates of the King of Kings, trumpets sounded and voices rang out in unison “Glory to the King, the Bride has been united with the Prince of Peace.” Everyone rejoiced and gave thanks. The celebration lasted for eternity and Israeli was filled with joy and happiness. She had been redeemed.

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