My husband was voted best dancer his senior year of high school. I admit, we don’t slow dance together often and when we do I don’t slow dance well. You see, I have this tendency to lead and the more he tries to guide my steps, the less I follow.

I can only wonder how I would slow dance with Jesus. I picture Him reaching out for my hand to usher me onto the dance floor. Would I yield to His lead or push to control the dance steps? Would it be a dance about mutual love with each step in unison to His lead?

I think slow dancing with Jesus requires that He leads. He longs to guide our feet in the dance of life but He can’t do it unless we are looking into His eyes. The minute we take our eyes off Jesus, we lose our grip and our feet no longer glide around the dance floor. Our steps falter and we stumble.

If we want to move and breathe to the melody of Jesus we must gaze into His eyes, take His hand and yield to His tender tugs. When we relinquish our tendency to take control we are in union with Jesus; a partnership of knowing when to move forward, spin, twirl or turn.

One thing I know for sure, God won’t follow your lead. He has choreographed a dance routine unique to each of us; He longs for us to follow the melody of His dance steps. When we allow Jesus to take our hand, guide our feet and take the lead, we are in for the dance of a lifetime.

With a gently touch he will indicate when to move forward and submit to His choreographic dance moves. If you want to slow dance with Jesus you will have to slow down and let Him lead. It only requires that you reach out and grasp His hand. Let Him cast you onto the dance floor of life like a fishing line waiting to be reeled back in with a prized catch.

Take the outstretched hand of Jesus and let Him lead you down the grand dance corridor that leads to Heaven.

“In him we live and move and have our being,” (Acts 17:28, NIV).

It is always open enrollment for slow dancing with Jesus. He is standing at the door waiting. Take His hand and let Him show you how to glide to the dance routine He has choreographed just for you.

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