“Holy Shenickies, what the heck is going on”, I shouted as I walked into the kitchen. Everyone ran to see what the commotion was all about. They all stopped dead in their tracks as they watched the do-nut box dance across the counter and fall to the floor.

The box of partially eaten donuts had been left on the counter the night before with intentions of discarding the contents the following morning. We watched in disbelief as hundreds of black carpenter ants scurried across the kitchen floor. I have never seen anything like it to this day and pray I never experience an encore.

That chilling episode exposed a hidden enemy hibernating in the foundation of my home. The do-nut box with all its sweetness only served to draw out the army of ants silently destroying the wooden shell that supported the structure of my home. The dancing do-nut box had exposed the truth that would have eventually brought destruction.

We all face dancing do-nut boxes in our lifetime. They are filled with sugar-coated sweetness that attracts all kinds of predators who seek to destroy us. It may all appear good on the surface, but when we open the box, we discover the enemy that lies in wait; an enemy who seeks to devour our soul.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 (NIV)

Like the ants in the do-nut box, our enemy, Satan, scatters in every direction when we open the cover of God’s Word. In truth it exposes the deception inside the dancing do-nut box moments of our life.

When was the last time you opened the cover to your Bible?




lifeAsALego2My ten-year old grandson sat next to me at the computer screen. We were on a Google search to find compatible body parts for his many Lego characters who had suffered serious war injuries. Some were missing heads; others had lost a limb or two, and still others had misplaced their weapons of defense. To find replacement parts wasn’t an easy task. Each Lego character was unique to my grandson (they looked the same to me) and just any arm, head or weapon wouldn’t do. He wanted every part to fit together perfectly so that the Lego warriors could be restored to their original state.

After several hours of online searching, my grandson and I admitted defeat. We couldn’t find the parts needed to resurrect the warriors, civilians and war orphans of his ongoing Lego battles. It was time to give the wounded Lego characters a decent burial. We coffined them in a plastic tub, sealed the lid and saluted them farewell as we lowered them into their crypt; the garbage dumpster.

As we left the burial site I turned to my grandson and said,

“I wouldn’t want to live my life as a Lego.” “What do you mean NeeNee?”  “It’s too easy to lose body parts,” I replied. “And you know what else, NeeNee?  I think a lot of those parts are sucked up by the vacuum.”

Legos tend to lose various parts, critical battle accessories and connector pieces that allow them to network with others Legos.

You can’t fight a battle if you lose your sword; you can’t put together a battle plan if you are headless. When Lego characters engage in warfare every interchangeable part is needed for a victorious battle plan. We are no different. God created us to fit together to fulfill his ultimate plan for mankind.

“He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow…” Ephesians 4:16

Unlike my search for Lego parts, my creator owns a heavenly warehouse stocked with a never-ending supply of parts that can resurrect, restore and replace any broken or missing piece.

When life’s battles undermine our ability to reason and we find ourselves without weapons, our Redeemer, Jesus, rushes to our aid. We only need to Google heaven with our prayer request and God will send the parts needed to repair and connect our broken pieces.

Are you missing vital parts as you engage in spiritual warfare? Sign on to heaven. The password is JESUS. Type in your request and let God search for the perfect part needed for victory.