Dirty Lenses

dirty_lensesWhen our lens on life becomes clouded and smudged with the filth of this world it’s hard to keep our eyes on where God wants to lead us to fulfill His purpose. The same is true of the 50-plus pair of eyeglasses I own that have fingerprints, dirt and spatters of who knows what that obstructs my vision to see things clearly. I’m amazed I manage to get through the day, drive my car or see the screen of my iPhone and not notice my dirty glasses.

The perception of our circumstances is altered when viewed through dirty lenses and over time, we tend to acclimate ourselves to the dirty filter. Sin is like that. We don’t see the fingerprint smudges of sin in our life unless we hold the lens of our heart up to the light of God’s Word.

I do my best every day to avoid touching my eyeglass lenses, but those efforts prove futile. When I hold them up to the light at day’s end, I am surprised at the accumulated smudges and smears clouding my view.

I liberally spray them with water and use my handy-dandy cleaning cloth to wipe off the filth and my view of the world suddenly changes. Images appear sharper and I can focus with greater clarity.

Our Christian walk also requires daily cleansing to avoid the contamination of this world. Failing to do so will dramatically alter our view of what is right and what is wrong. Dirty glasses influence our perception of current cultural trends and popular opinions and hides God’s from our view. It’s the proverbial, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Are you in a place where you need God’s living waters to wash your spiritual glasses and His word to be your cleaning cloth?

“Show me the right path, O LORD ; point out the road for me to follow.” Psalms 25:4

God can’t point out the right path if we’re looking through dirty lenses. We must allow the Word of God to wash away the daily grime, crude and filth that this corrupt and sinful world throws at us to successfully walk in the paths of righteousness.

Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,

When things within this world cloud my vision give my spiritual life a serious wipe down and deep clean with the washing of your Word. Let me never lose sight of your eternal purpose for me when I choose to clean my glasses and seek the right path.

“Wash away all my evil and make me clean from my sin!” Psalms 51:2 (GNT)




Every month a new Hidden Pictures Highlight magazine arrives in the mail for my five-year old grandson, Fischer. He has a special blue bag from Highlights to store each new magazine. There is no need to mention when a new issue arrives because the bag is checked every time he visits.

Fischer has clearly defined the blue bag rules to his older siblings,

“This is my special bag so don’t touch it! Olivia, don’t even think about coloring any of the pages or you will be in big trouble; Carson I can find the hidden things by myself, you don’t need to show me.”

Tonight, when Fischer arrives, the blue bag will be removed from the hook behind the grandkid’s bedroom door. The newest issue will be spread out on the kitchen island where he will circle the hidden objects with the pencil won at the school carnival. He will first flip to favorite pages that have a sheet of colorful stickers to apply to the hidden objects.

As Fischer moves on to more difficult pages he experiences moments of frustration and shouts, “This is too hard; I can’t find it.” At that point, he skips ahead to the next page, closes the magazine or calls out for help.

We all encounter hidden objects in the pages of our life, some are easier to find than others. However, like Fischer, there are those moments when we cry out, “God, this is too hard! I can’t find what is needed to turn the next page of my life.”

Has your life become a hidden picture?

So many things can blind our vision and keep us from identifying the hidden objects in our life; those times when we need a second set of eyes to help identify and place a check mark next to those things that keep us stuck on the same page of life. I call them the eyes of Jesus.

When you subscribe to a new life in Jesus, eternal subscriptions are free of charge as long as you seek to find the hidden objects (sins) on the pages of your life. Only then, will you find mercy and the next issue of Heavenly Highlights in your mailbox.

   “But anyone who admits his sins and gives them up finds mercy.” Proverbs 28: 13